About Me

This blog will be a collection of funny life stories written by someone who seems to have a knack for running into awkward situations. My sole purpose for writing this blog is to make you laugh at the ridiculousness of my life.

After hearing for the past few years from friends that my life is like a movie, I figured that maybe I somehow cosmically attract interesting situations. I really don’t know, I’ve always been an open book about my life, so hopefully my fun stories help make your day a little better.

Born in the small beach town of Esmeraldas, Ecuador, (sounds exotic I know) I moved to the United States when I was three years old. This fact of my life exposed me to two very different cultures growing up, especially since most of my childhood was spent in Roswell, GA where there seems to be an exceptional lack of understanding of Hispanic culture. I don’t believe that being Ecuadorian is what makes my life particularly interesting. It’s more the fact that I grew up with two very different cultures and thus don’t completely fit in with either one. Being Ecuadorian isn’t a big theme in the blog, but I think being a minority in a country can make one feel permanently out of place, which might be one of the reasons why I have so many awkward occurrences. My ethnicity is a big part of who I am and yet it’s a part that I don’t show often, because most people here don’t understand it. I hope to share that part of myself here on this blog.

My life started getting fun and interesting as early as middle school so my stories will range from when I was as young as 11 to my present age of 21. I’ve changed the names of the people in my stories because I don’t know if I can legally write about them online and I’m too lazy to look up all of the rules that go along with writing nonfiction short stories, so I figured I’d play it safe and change names.

Anyway, I hope you think I’m funny and enjoy my life stories and if you don’t…well then I guess this is goodbye.


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