Lost At Sea…but Not Really


To say that my mother is overprotective is an understatement. My mother had nightmares my freshman year at BU from watching too many cop shows, which convinced her that me living in a city would result in my horrible death. I understand where she’s coming from, I’m her baby girl and her rock. But, even now that I’m 21 I feel like she treats me like a 12-year-old. However, I’ve come to accept that this is going to always be an issue for my parents and me. At this point in my life, with everything I’ve achieved and with the fact that I’m an adult, I would like to be treated like one. My parents simply say that’s it’s part of their job description to worry about me, no matter my age. My father even said once, “Ariana, it doesn’t matter if you’re 50. I’m always going to worry about you so get used to it.” It’s touching, but also kind-of overbearing at times.

I say all of this as an introduction to what happened the last time my mother and I went to Ecuador together. On this trip I was 19 years old. My hometown is a small city on the coast of Ecuador called Esmeraldas. Most of my family lives there. Since it’s a beach city, when we go to visit our family, most of our trip is spent at the beach.

One day my younger cousins wanted to rent one of the kayaks that they saw and go kayaking with me. We all asked our parents for permission and then my 15-year-old cousin, my 13-year-old cousin and I got ourselves a kayak to split for an hour. We kayaked out to sea in the flat water. There were no waves and I didn’t feel a pull from the tide at any point. The three of us pushed ourselves out as far as we dared to go, and then took a quick rest to enjoy the view before we kayaked back. You know, it’s like I have a sixth instinct when it comes to my mother. I felt like something was coming and sure enough, when I turned my head around, I saw a fishing boat coming out toward us.

I couldn’t see anyone on the fishing boat yet, because it was too far away, but I immediately knew that it was meant for us and that my mother was on it, pissed. It eventually got to us, but before it even arrived, I could already hear the profanity that my mother was screaming at me from a distance. I was in for it. The local fishermen on the boat quickly helped us off the kayak as if our lives were in immediate danger, and then brought the kayak on the boat. The shouting in my face began. It was so bad that the fisherman felt the need to intervene and tell my mom that she didn’t need to use so many curse words when speaking to me. They clearly didn’t know what my mom looked like when she was angry. She’s an unstoppable force. I just stood there and quietly took it trying not to laugh, because honestly the whole situation seemed ridiculous to me. We hadn’t even gone out very far and yet my mother felt the need to hail a fisherman boat like it was a taxicab and force them to come and get us.

My mother then went from conveying anger to fear. Sobbing she said, “I just pictured you drowning or getting eaten by sharks.” It was hard to yell back or try to justify my actions when my mom was clearly just scared shitless. So I just shut up and hugged her while she let it all out. I assured her that no shark was going to eat me. The captain of the fisherman boat originally said to my mom and I that my cousins and I were at a safe distance away from shore. Although after one look from my mother, he quickly changed his statement by saying that we were in a very dangerous situation and could’ve easily been killed. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one my mom can intimidate, but I love her anyway. She just suffers from caring too much and how can I possibly complain about that?